Save D Children's Day
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Humanitarian Foundation (HF)is a non-profit organization, under U.S. 501 (c)(3), with the headquarters based in California. Our vision is to outreach to the needy children and the poor around the world, and to salvage lives of victims that have no other last resort. Approximately, 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 billion lives in extreme poverty according to UNICEF and lack even the most necessities: food, shelter, clothing and education. In Africa, India, Cambodia, Haiti, and many other parts of the world, children are dying on daily bases from starvation and malnutrition with no one to cater for their welfare. HIV/AIDS are a very serious epidemic in Africa; and it effects and kills staggering number of people on daily bases. Nature disasters have ruined so many families and communities around the world by putting them into devastating catastrophic living conditions, and that is why we reach out to meet community needs.

The HF generates it funds through the African Cultural Festival (ACF). ACF is a DBA of HF meant to promote African music, arts and culture, also to bridge the gaps between cultures. ACF is also a way for HF to raise funds for its services in the community for the proceeds generated from the African Cultural Festival event goes to Humanitarian Foundation. To learn more about ACF go to AfricanCulturalFestival.Org


Humanitarian Foundation (HF) is striving to reach out all over the poor communities in Africa and beyond with SOLAR STOVE, a clean green energy that gears towards the future and will revolutionize the world. The SOLAR STOVE will allow the villagers to cook their food with zero carbon emission and no environmental pollution. It will reduce the need of cutting down trees to use wood for cooking, also prevent rape of women that goes to bushes looking for firewood to cook for their family, and risk animal attacks like snake bites, scorpion stings and much more will be reduced. To support our mission or join us in this campaign that will help the humanity, simply contact us by sending us email through our contact page.

Picture of an African childPicture of an African childPicture of an African childPicture of an African childPicture of an African child